Mexican-American War

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Mexican-American War

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The Mexican-American War, and its importance toward American Leadership
In this essay, we intend to give a clear picture of the events that lead to the Mexican-American War. Also, we will show how the war went for the American side, and finally, we shall show how the war shaped the destiny of the modern United States, and the position it has today in the international politics. In this essay, we intend to focus on the American vision of what happened in the war. However, if we deem it necessary, we shall contrast our sources in order to give the most unbiased version possible. In that way, if an account or a source is heavily biased toward one side or another, we shall mention it.
The Mexican-American War (1846-1848), is regarded as the first experience the U.S. Army had in waging war in an extended conflict, and in a foreign land. Many scholars tend to forget this war, as it considers it small when compared with the American Civil War, a war that with its sheer size and significance, overshadowed the Mexican-American War. (Brown 1). Nevertheless, the Mexican War sports an incredibly important role in America’s history because it continued with the shaping of the United States boundaries and showed foreign powers that the United States was an emerging country. In the same light, we consider that another important part of the war is that it began to shape the United States manifest destiny and brought the…

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