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methods of research

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Part 1
The research topic is that increasing funding for police services make our neighborhoods safe. I expect to find out that increasing the budgetary allocation to the police service will motivate the police officers. In addition, it will play a critical role in equipping them with modern technologies that will help them deal with the sporadic crime in the neighborhoods (Ross 65). Moreover, it will help in improving their infrastructure, thereby, making it possible to cover a large area.
The general public will be interested in the new information to enlighten them on the existing loopholes that lead to laxity in the police service. The information will enlighten them on their role in fighting crime in the society.
One of the tangible benefits from the research is that policymakers will be in a position to make evidence-based decisions, thereby, increasing the chances of success. They will identify areas that require more resources.
Part 2
First Response
I agree with the student that increasing funding towards the police service will enhance security in the neighborhood. The move will play a significant role in boosting the business in the area. The tourist sector has been hard hit by the surge in security. Therefore, I support his position that the move will revive the security sector.
Second Response
I support that increasing funding towards the police service will increase the level of security in the CSU campus and its ne…

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