Methods and Results

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Methods and Results

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The format of this work will follow two sub divisions: the methods section and the results (findings) of the study which was to find out if peers (specifically friends) influence exercise.
100 university students were chosen at random to take part in this study. There were 74 males and 26 females with ages stretching from 19-34. The college categories were freshman, sophomore, junior and senior in an ascending order.
The main instrument material used was questionnaires. Computers and printers were also used to come up with the questionnaires in hard copy. Additionally notebooks were used to note down on important notes. References material for the Cronbach’s alpha scale reliability coefficient was used.
The study was a random sample survey meaning participants were chosen randomly. The questionnaire had a total of 33 questions both open ended and closed. The measure used in the study is the Likert Scale. The questions were both quantitative and qualitative in nature. The variables in this study were ‘attitude about exercise’ and peers (friends).
The participants were given a hard copy of the questionnaire to fill out. The questionnaires were given out in a systematic way numbering the surveys systematically. The dependent variable (DV) ‘attitude about exercise’ took the form of labels: ATT1, ATT2, ATT3, ATT4, ATT5, ATT6, ATT7 while the independent variable peer (friends) took the label…

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