Memory as the neurological process

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Memory as the neurological process

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Memory is defined as the neurological process of retrieval of the learned response. Learning may occur through consciousness or unconsciousness. The former is called explicit memory, while the later is known as implicit memory. On the basis of remembrance, memory is classified as short term memory or long term memory. In the former situation, a person can retrieve information within a short span of time, after which the remembrance of such learning is lost. In the case of long-term memory, an individual can recollect things from the past, over longer durations of time. Both types of memory exist in human beings, however in the case of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease such memories tend to deteriorate over a period of time (Postma et al., 2008).
Another form of memory called spatial memory provides feedback to a person regarding his orientation with time and space. This is one form of working memory, where an individual becomes aware of time and space due to short term or long term learned responses, and applies the same unconsciously at any moment of time (Perfect &Hollins.,1996). Very few studies have been conducted regarding the usage pattern of spatial memory, in real world settings. Hence, the presence study was done to evaluate the qualities of spatial memory. The study investigated spatial memory in the context of retrieval of parking space remembrance, while individuals visited a shopping mall (Postma et al., 2012).
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