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Memo Assignment
Re: Lateness to Work
It has come to my concern that you reported late to work again despite our previous discussions.
Take note that the company values your attendance, and expects you to report to work on time. Prompt attendance to work is a significant aspect of maintaining your position as an employee. As a company, our mission is to provide our clients with quick and active services, and your tardiness is an obstacle to this mission. Employee unpunctuality forces the company to reschedule some of its services, weighing down the company’s performance. Getting someone to step in so as to accommodate an employee’s lateness is also unacceptable.
The success of your department and the company, in general, is dependent on your promptness and as our employee, you must be reliable since our clients depend on your prompt arrival for their scheduled appointments. Lateness to work is a disfavour to both the customers and your colleagues covering for you. Take note that the employee that covers for you works overtime hours.
Lateness to work has been your routine and this is not the first time I am addressing this matter with you. We have had similar discussions with you in the past, on three different occasions but it looks like the talks have not been effective. Thus, this will serve as the last notice you will obtain concerning this issue. If you are further observed coming to …

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