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Memo 3

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October 28, 2018
To: All home office employees
From: ABC Industries, Inc. CEO, ………… (Insert Name)
Subject: Scheduled ABC Employee Performance Review
Recently, the performance of the company has been on a decline, significantly threatening the future of the company. In this regard, I would like to bring these dynamics to your attention:
The proposed merger between ABC and XYZ as communicated in our last meeting is underway.
XYZ has agreed to retain 80% of ABC’s workforce in the merger process.
To facilitate selection of the above employees, the company has scheduled an employee performance review in the next one month.
The details of the review have been shared with supervisors and will be disseminated accordingly.
Employees remain ABC greatest assets and it is in the company’s interest to promote their welfare. Accordingly, the company takes all the necessary measures in pursuance of this endeavor. This merger was considered in order to prevent the company’s collapse and to guarantee the retention of its workforce. Following a thorough negotiation process, XYZ granted us the 80% figure, even though our aim was to achieve 100% employee retention. Potential candidates will be identified through an evaluation process, where employees will be appraised by their immediate supervisors and the human resource manager.
The appraisal period will take a period of one month, upon which successful and unsuccessful candidates will be notified…

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