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When two gametes unite, they form a diploid zygote
Examples of gametes are sperm and ovum
There are two copies of each chromosome in germline cells
There are two copies of each chromosome in gamete cells
In prophase I, homologous chromosomal pair crosses over to form a pair and exchanges DNA forming recombinant chromosomes
Crossing over is the activity in which homologous pairs of chromosomes exchange equal parts. The latter mixes the alleles on the parent’s chromosomes ensuring that the offspring are not identical to the parent.
Metaphase I is the arrangement of the homologous chromosomes at the poles equidistant from the centroid in readiness for meiosis.
In anaphase I, the bivalent chromosomes separate and move to the opposite poles by the action of the spindle
In the telophase I, the separated chromosomes reach the poles and nucleus starts to form around them. This leads to the formation of a cell in a process referred to as cytokinesis.
Telophase II marks the onset of meiosis II. The nuclear-encasing bursts and the spindle apparatus form
In metaphase II, the daughter cells produced in meiosis I am pulled to the opposite poles by the spindle.
In the anaphase II, the chromatids of the sister cell separate and move towards opposite poles.
In the telophase II, a nucleus forms around the set of chromosomes to produce a haploid cell
A haploid cell is a cell that contains only a single type of each chromosome.
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