Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes
Administrative Issues:
Discussion: In the meeting, the main agenda seems to be about, pathophysiology which is a course that has existed for quite some time. Historical perspective of the course is reviewed to help convince the individuals to present the effective teaching techniques.
Action: A pathologist best teaches the subject. Dr. Valerie had to step in for Dr. Billy and undertake students in the unit since Dr. Billy decided to retire earlier that year. The primary reason why a pathologist is preferable to teach the subject is that in the curriculum, it is essential for students to connect the dots between histology and pathophysiology (Hurley).
Status: Open
Personnel Issues:
Discussion: A proposal was made of how ideal it would be if course were merged. But they did not want to cheat Seidel technology students from what it is that they need to learn. The idea of sharing resources was good because it would have saved on consumption, but the perspective of sharing is frightening. The staff members are open to change, but they are not sure of how much change is appropriate.
Action: Emphasis was put on building a foundation for the students show that they can have an in-depth understanding of their courses.
Program Issues:
Discussion: Although knowing a little bit more about other fields, it is essential to look for specific knowledge on a particular profession so that one may practice it. The staff does not want it…

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