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Meditech Company

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Meditech Company

Question 1
It is true that the company has added new products in the market, primarily through renovating the existing ones. However, the introduction of these new products comes with a nightmare. In this case, it experiences supply problems especially as a result of poor service delivery as a result of the introduction. It causes frustrations on the side of the customers. Manufacturing all products also comes with challenges. In this case, finished goods in the inventory level occur at high rates. This also results in a further frustration to the customers. It finds it difficult to meet the demand level.
Question 2
Both systematic and organizational structure drives the problem by Meditech. The regulatory problem emanates from the decentralized nature of their regional warehouse, in which the dealers have little control of the orders for individual warehouses. On the systematic side, the lack of coronation between the central dealer and the other regional dealers cause the panic ordering in the organization.
Question 3
The customer service manager becomes the first to recognize the issues since he or she receives complain from the customers and the dealers in all the regions where warehouses are located. Through interaction with customers, the manager always has first-hand information that will help the company satisfy its clients (Christopher, Payne & Ballantyne, 1991).
Question 4
To fix the issue, the company needs …

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