Medieval Islam:

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Medieval Islam:

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Medieval Islam
The first significant achievement was in the discovery of pharmacies which was known as the saydallas that started at the same time as health centers forming a vital health care system for Islam. The Saydallas concentrated so much on experimentation by incorporating medicinal things that worked well for the patients. Meanwhile, at the same time, the western dispensers believed in the use of various substances such as herbs for treatment. As time went by, great medicine inventors from Muslim origin like Aviccena and Al Razi came up with materials that could heal in their pharmacies. Besides, the government took care of the pharmacies to ensure efficiency in the type of medications offered. As a result, pharmacies were all over Islam countries as Al-Nifa discovered the process of dosage using calculations.
The next achievement was in translations, where medical books and texts were translated from the native Greek, Syrian and Pahlavi languages to Arabic preventing the extinction of the documents. Islamic doctors added extra bits of knowledge in the translated texts. The second aspect was in hospitals and doctor training that involved setting up various hospitals in places such as Damascus and Cairo. The hospitals managed to acquire medical equipment such as alcohol that was used to clean up wounds. By 1000, Muslim doctors were able to use opium as a pain reliever as opposed to Christian doctors.
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