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Medical Science Essay

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Date: 29/3/2018
Singapore international relations
Singapore upholds diplomatic associations with 189 states even though it doesn’t keep good delegation in most of them. It has membership in the Non-Aligned Movement, the United Nations, the Commonwealth, and ASEAN. The country values associations with Indonesia besides Malaysia because of the geographical setting. Singapore and China ensure long-lasting and close association mainly because of the latter’s rising influence and essence in the Asia-Pacific area. Furthermore, the country has proven itself a resilient backer for China’s beneficial commitment and peaceful progress in the area.
To attain both economic and political stability, Singapore has kept approved diplomatic affairs with the United States. This relationship has deepened as the two countries have a mutual free business agreement since 2004 and the Americans living in Singapore enhance contact between it and the United States. Many Singaporeans too call and learn in the United States. The bilateral relations go beyond politics and economy to culture, education, science, and technology.
The future of Singapore, however, lies in the past with the recent withdrawal by the western countries. History has it that the nation has been relying too much on the west to thrive. This retreat from globalization by the west-based nations poses a threat to many countries and so to Singapore as well. “Western retreat has been implied f…

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