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Medical Records

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Medical RecordsWhether handwritten or in an electronic form, it is vital for health organizations or facilities that they keep their patient’s record. Medical records do not only provide a point of reference for the health professionals but also cushion them against legal charges. In other words, the keeping of patient’s medical records is also vital for legal purposes. Therefore, this paper seeks to provide the importance of medical records in legal proceedings such as lawsuits and court cases.
Good medical records are essential in defending clinical negligence claim or complaint. Even though ensuring continuity in the provision of patients’ care is the primary reason for keeping good medical records, the adequate patient record can save a health professional from legal charges especially in cases of reported medical negligence. Notably, this is because medical records contain much information regarding a patient including the prescribed drugs, doctor’s decisions, and diagnosis. In legal proceedings, such information is vital in determining the innocence of a health professional. In other words, patient’s medical records can also suffice for legal use provided that they are adequate for continuity of care (Bown 1).
Good medical records are essential in helping patients demand compensations especially in cases of medical negligence. Notably, good medical records do not only provide information regarding relevant medical findings but al…

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