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Youth Welfare Speech at Bottle’s Bay Town Meeting
Ladies and gentlemen: Good afternoon. I’m humbled to take this noble position here before you today and discuss with you some of my ideas on young people’s growth in Bottle’s Bay. Life gives us a large and respectable present. It is the youth. It is complete with wish, energy, information and battle of aspirations. That’s why I am very assured to accomplish my desire to see young people like me grow in our community.
However, I never meant it to be simple. As a youth activist in this aggressive community, we all experience the challenging unemployment scenario and manage the expensive housing, for which I must be genuine. So I started to worry for the long run. I am at a finish reduction as to what to do and how to do. I am not yet ready for a challenging lifestyle forward, either educationally or economically.
Bottles Bay has been a great and awe-inspiring place to be since I was born. I have known my people and the kind of life that we all have passed through to make ends meet. My great concern is for this town on the central coast to be the most inspiring place for the country and for the people who are dearly associated with its endeavors. You are all to this meeting and feel at the most convenient and comfortable place to be this morning.
I hold this notion with high power and deep concern to those people who have put their minds together to see tha…

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