Measures of Effective Teaching revised

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Measures of Effective Teaching revised

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Measures of Effective Teaching
A teacher’s activity or behavior in the classroom is of great importance to student’s learning. Researchers are increasingly becoming interested in observing all the practices and behaviors that teachers demonstrate in the classroom. The reasons why research on these domains is increasing is the need to understand what behaviors or activities positively influence student behaviors and academic outcomes both within and outside the classroom or educational environments. Teachers also need to be given feedback on their behavior while teaching in the classroom so that they can improve their teaching activity and behavior. Research and observation of teacher’s behavior and activities need to be carried out using standardized instruments, protocols and knowledgeable observers. Many observation instruments can be used, but CLASS and the Stallings instruments are popular with research on teacher’s classroom behavior in developing countries.
In their article titled ‘Measures of Effective Teaching in Developing Countries’ Bruns et al. (2016) used an ongoing study that applied CLASS to research different elements of a mathematics classroom in Chiles’ 7th-grade classroom. The researchers used the Stalling instrument and re-code the videos that had been used. By relying primarily on data from a previous research, the researchers limited their chance of generating new insi…

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