Measurement and Data Collection in Patient Care

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Measurement and Data Collection in Patient Care

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Digital Physician Chair Scale
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Digital Physician Chair Scale
A digital physician chair scale is an advanced scale used for weighing patients with difficulty or inability to stand. Notably, the Rice Lake 550-010-1 scale (pictured below) accomplishes this fete with a design that can measure up to 600 lbs with outstanding ergonomic considerations (Rice Lake chair scales). Its structure composition consists of a durable plastic that is comfortable against the skin. Moreover, it has swing-up arms that enable access from either side of the chair. It has an indicator attached to the backrest with a friendly user interface. It is a large LCD with a toggle key for interchanging units of measurement (pounds or kilograms). It also has a BMI calculation algorithm, a reweigh function, a tare function and USB (or RS-232) output port. Besides, it has movement-compensation technology (Motiontrap™) that cancels out any inaccuracies due to patient movement during the weighing process. Newer versions of the digital firmware can be installed into the existing system. This apparatus is mounted on an enameled tubular steel frame with an extendable footrest and four interlocking heavy-duty casters for friction-less maneuverability.

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1 Rice Lake 500-10-1 Digital Physician Chair Scale
During nursing practice, the assessment of weight is a crucial indicator of patients’ health (Zhu, Norman & While, 2013). Patients w…

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