Matrix of Diagnostic Evaluation Assessments

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Matrix of Diagnostic Evaluation Assessments

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Matrix of Diagnostic Evaluation Assessments
There are several tests used in special education learning and teaching. These tests are used to evaluate the performance of a learner, and to understand the level of help that the learner needs. Four of the most effective tests are described below:
Behaviour Rating Scale
The behavior rating scale is used by Naglieri, LeBuffe, & Pfeiffer published in 1993. The rating focuses on the behavior of the child and rates the performance on a scale of 1-5. The evaluator or parent seeks for information and ratings from several people who know the child, and a summary rating is obtained. The rating indicates the frequency of behavior to occur.
Adaptive Behavior Scale
The scale used is the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales (2nd Ed.) (Vineland-II) (Sparrow, Cicchetti, & Balla), published in 2005. The scale is used to identify children with intellectual disabilities by assessing the child’s response to functional behavior like communication, motor skills, and academics.
Individual Academic Achievement Tests
Before placement into special education, a child is evaluated on the ability to perform academically, undergoing tests involving arithmetic, oral and written skills and specified school subjects. This helps determine the key area the child has issues. It is administered by the teacher or an evaluator. The test used is the Wechsler Individual Achievement Te…

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