Mathematics Admission Essay

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Mathematics Admission Essay

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Admission Essay
Achieved Long-term Goal
For as long as I can remember, music has always interested me. I was particularly attracted to the guitar. At the age of six, I resolved to learn how to play the guitar. When I told this to my parents, they tried to discourage me by telling me how difficult it is to play the guitar. Instead of getting discouraged, my determination grew. The first obstacle was finding a guitar without the support of my parents. I quickly devised a plan on how to raise the money to buy a guitar. Our parents had bought us piggy banks to teach us how to save money for goals. I resolved to save every cent I came across in my piggy bank until I could afford a guitar. It took me eight months, literally saving every cent that came my way.
With my savings, I bought a dark blue guitar from a guitar house near my home. However, this marked the beginning of the real challenge. Playing guitar, just like my parents had told me, was by no means easy. First, I needed to know how to read sheet music. Second I needed to know how to associate the notes on paper with those on my guitar. I also needed to know how to read guitar tablature. This was too much work for me considering that I also needed to focus on my school work. I almost gave up, but I didn’t want to validate my parent’s claim that I could not learn how to play the guitar. I got more determined and spent most of my free times practicing. Three years later, I could play any tune….

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