mass shooting

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mass shooting

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Mass Shooting
Imagine one-day reporting to school as usual eager and ready for the day’s lessons and immediately you settle into your desks and a person enters the room and opens fire using her automatic firearm. Suddenly, the usual serene learning atmosphere turns into chaos as students and teachers scamper for safety. That is what happens during mass shootings. The purpose of this speech is to describe some of the dynamics that are associated with mass shootings. Accordingly, the speaker talks about the definition, occurrence, and handling of the mass shootings by the media.
Dynamics of Mass Shootings
First, based on the description by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) mass shootings can be defined as an event in which more than four individuals are killed not including the shooter. Such incidences are perpetrated by individuals for various reasons such as terrorism motives and other mental issues (Keneally).
Secondly, while mass shootings are normally associated with public places involving many people, instances in which individuals kill members of their families such as spouses or former spouses shooting their partners and children.
The third point is the fact that some instances of mass shootings are not reported in media and may only seem to reach local audiences as the mainstream media may not consider the incidences to meet the threshold of a mass shooting (Alcantara and Lu).

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