Marriage and Family Therapy

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Marriage and Family Therapy

Category: Case Study

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Level: Masters

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The present case study is about Jack, who has recently lost his job and is under severe financial constraints. Jack is succeeded by his spouse Terry and three children. Recently Jack has been abusive and alcoholic, due to his professional status. The loss of his job has created financial stress for the family. Apart from financial stress, the case study reflects that the family is also going through mental stress. This is due to jack’s behavior towards himself and towards his children. The issue has aggravated to such an extent, that Jack fears his elder daughter might leave the home.

Jack is very anxious and is depressed, due to such a situation. To cope with this situation, he has become an alcoholic and exhibited rude behavior towards his children. The case study reflects that Jack needs to be treated for his anxiety and depression. Further, the safety of Jack’s children needs to be ensured, in the context of Jack’s behavior.

Initial Assessment

My initial assessment reflected that Jack was depressed due to professional and personal issues. Upon my first interaction with Jack, he transparently briefed me about his condition. He was aware of his alcoholism and acknowledges being rude to his children. The situation reflected the impact of a professional hazard on the personal life of an individual.

Jack was the solely employed person in the family. Hence, his family was dependent on him for the financial needful. Therefore, the loss of job put Jack into distress. …

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