Marriage and Family 2

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Marriage and Family 2

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Marriage and Family

Define marriage and family and summarize related cultural themes.
The modern understanding of the concept of marriage and family is more encompassing than what was known in the old society. However, in both cases family has remained to be one of the primary social structures in the society. There have been several definitions of marriage and family since they became institutions within the human social life. They all try to capture all the elements that make up families and marriages institutions observed in the society. Therefore, marriage can best be described as a legally recognized agreement of a permanent union made between two people based on the traditional sexual relationship. In this case, the definition incorporates the fact that marriage is legally recognized. However, for the matter of a polygamy marriage, the people can be more than two and not necessarily of opposite sex in countries where gay marriages have been legalized. Among the sociologist, the significant concerns on the purpose and definition of marriage are its relationship with the institution, family. According to Jieyu (2017), history puts marriage at the core of a family as it forms the foundation that leads to the existence of a family. He further states that a family makes up the basic unit of the society.

In the old Canadian society, that is, during the years before the 20th century, a family was made up of a husband, wife, roughly two children and maybe a pet (Gates, 2015)….

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