Marketing Strategy for Preschool

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Marketing Strategy for Preschool

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Marketing Strategy for Preschool
One of the most crucial factors that determine the success of a preschool is its marketing strategy. There is a need to develop a good marketing strategy since there has been an increase in the number of preschools. A poor marketing strategy may lead to decreased enrollment in the number of students which might lead to the eventual closing down of the preschool. Kidis preschool is an institution that has been in existence for only one year and needs to reach out to the community.
The marketing strategy will mainly focus on dual income and middle-class families which place a high value on the education provided to their children aged about two and a half years and above. The services offered by the preschool are premium services that will ensure the kid gets a good background before proceeding to kindergarten. The preschool is already famous among the middle-class families; therefore, the high prices are appropriate as they indicate the quality of the services offered. Additionally, the high-end playing facilities that the preschool owns justifies the cost charged. The area to concentrate the campaign is a radius of five miles from the preschool.
Kidis preschool will utilize advertising to in the local magazines and newspapers, pre-enrollment drives and direct mail campaigns. The preschool will also host an event during summer where the public will participate. During the event, the fliers, business card as…

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