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Marketing Plan Project

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Marketing Plan Project
The 3D printed sneaker is an unreleased product by Adidas. Adidas is yet to introduce this product in the Australian market but intends to do so in the near future (in the last quarter of 2018). The product aims at enhancing the performance level of athletes by creating shoe products that are comfortable, light, and improve the running abilities of athletes.
The strength of the 3D printed sneaker is customization. Each athlete gets a shoe product that fits the physical features of their foot and leg. Customization ensures that the athlete experiences maximum comfort levels when running, jogging, or walking (Kim 1). The company uses the 3D printing technology to develop this product to achieve the unique needs of athletes. On the other hand, the weakness of the product is that it is expensive. Customization uses the 3D technology, which increases the cost of production. Hence, the product is sold at a higher price than ordinary sports shoes (Kim 1). Another weakness is that the 3D printed sneaker does not benefit from the economies of scale as each product is designed to achieve the unique specialization of customers.
The opportunity of this product is that it has a high demand. The speed of production is high enough to ensure effective provision of the shoe products to the athletes who require them urgently (Kim 1). Professional athletes need customized shoes that ar…

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