Marketing and the Health Care System

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Marketing and the Health Care System

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Marketing and the Health Care System
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Marketing and the Health Care System
Citing a significant player in the healthcare world, Medtronic, this paper will illustrate the critical role played by marketing in achieving their mandate. Medtronic is a healthcare provider focusing majorly on the manufacture of medical devices including pacemakers, diabetic management tools and many other medical devices and services involving medical devices.
The Impact of Marketing on Health Care Systems
Considering the fact that the primary mandate of Medtronic is the manufacture and delivery of medical devices, marketing of these products should be their primary focus in achieving this objective. The marketing strategies used, therefore have a significant impact on the annual turnover of the company. Without the best marketing for their pacemakers, for example, Medtronic would not have been on the list of top ten health care providers, worldwide. Marketing activities adopted by healthcare organizations have helped the public limited company build a solid reputation in the medical devices sector and earned them the confidence of many medical institutions and organizations over the years. Therefore, marketing helps in influencing customers to make purchases from a specific institution and helps in the development of a company’s reputation.
Moreover, such strategies have helped Medtronic rise and achieve a fifty percent share of…

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