Margaret Sanger

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Margaret Sanger

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Margaret Sanger is a renowned scholar, writer, nurse, birth control activist, a sex educator who contributed significantly to the management of sexual complications. Margaret is credited for her dedication and zeal towards the elimination of “unfit people” in the society as Eugenic advocated. She was a strong advocate for family rationalization through birth control initiative. Her view was that only potential and capable individuals should have babies. She wanted the right to having babies be limited to those who are fit and can take care of the babies. She noted that there was no point to give birth to babies who will suffer due to deficiencies of food, shelter and other basic needs.
Sanger was born in New York in the year 1879 from a humble family background. Her father who was an Irish stonemason and mother were called Michael Hennessey and Ann Purcell respectively. Apart from being a stonemason, Michael was a free thinker, while her mother was an Irish-America Catholic. Her father joined the army during the civil war at the age of 15 years and later studied medicine. However, he ended up being or working as a stonecutter. The salary the father was getting could not satisfy the family needs that was comprised of 11 children with Margaret being the sixth born. The situation deteriorated due to the poor health condition of the mother who died at the age of 49 after having over 18 pregnancies with only 11 being succe…

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