Margaret of Anjou

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Margaret of Anjou

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Wars of the Roses
The War of the Roses were brief civil wars which started at around the early 1450s and went through to 1485. It was a war among fought among the Lancaster, Houses of York and also finally Tudor and their allies. Margaret contributed significantly to these Wars of Roses first when she married King Henry IV of England and got dedicated to leading the Houses of Lancaster especially in when her husband falls fatally ill- a spell of insanity. She was also committed to supporting the king’s reign after his recovery in 1455. She organized several campaigns through their supporters. She was the most cunning strategist queen in the war of roses especially when King Henry was unable to rule due to his insanity (Dockray, 442). She, in fact, masterminded most of Lancaster’s alliances and wars for power and supremacy. She for example arranged for the Lancastrian army which plotted and killed Richard of York who had declared himself the king when Henry fell ill. She even became more active in government matters when she bore Prince Edward to protect her husband’s and son’s inheritance in rulership against the opposition, Yorkists, who were also hungry for it.
After the recovery of King Henry, Margaret Anjou did not just want the restoration of the kingdom to her husband and friends, but rather she further pushed politics extremely. Eventually, her politics led to the first war of the Battle of St Albans w…

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