Mantle Convection

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Mantle Convection

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Mantle Convection
Mantle Convection is responsible for tectonic plate movements in the earth’s interior CITATION DrR18 l 1033 (Kinzler). According to the tectonic plate theory, the earth’s crust has other crust sub-divisions that float on the surface of the partially molten mantle CITATION DrR18 l 1033 (Kinzler). The eating from the earth’s crust initiates a circular flow where hot magma rises while cooler one falls initiating the convection. The circular movement pulls the plates initiating movement CITATION DrR18 l 1033 (Kinzler). This can best be demonstrated using the lava lamps A and B. Lava lamp B is connected to a heat source while A is not. From the experiment, Lamp A is off while B is on. The following enumerations were accorded to the observations;
Lamp A
Lava in the lamp is cool. Due to low temperature, it does not require convent thus no glow is observed.
Lamp B
The lamp lights as a result of conventional flow. Heating at the bottom of the lamp makes the lava less dense which causes it to rise to the top. The cooler dense lava at the top flows downwards. Continuous heating causes the dense lava to become less dense flowing to the top while the cooling lava flows downward. This process results in a continuous convectional flow causing the glow.
Relating Lamp B observations to Earth’s Mantle
The source of heat for the lamp comes from light resulting in heat energy. For the earth, the core is the source of the heat….

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