Managers that Dislike Writing Performance Evaluations

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Managers that Dislike Writing Performance Evaluations

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Why Managers Hate Performance Evaluation
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Employees’ level of efficiency in a workplace is determined by carrying out performance evaluation. Like any strategy that can be employed by managers to elevate the performance of workers, an evaluation helps towards offering clear steps among the employees on how to improve. However, many managers have been seen to have avoided the process of evaluation due to various reasons. This essay will tend to address why managers dislike writing performance evaluation on their employees. It will address this by depicting some of the ideal traits of effective managers. The essay will also focus on some of the effective elements of the evaluation process a fact that will shed light on the profile of those managers who tends to struggle with the evaluation process. Finally, the paper will give some of the criterion found in an evaluation form that helps managers towards conducting the exercise in line with the organizations’ goals and objectives.
Keywords: performance evaluation, managers, evaluation form, evaluation process, traits
Performance evaluation is significant to every profit-oriented company. However, it has been evidenced by the recent research that most managers dislike writing performance evaluation to assess their employees. Some managers would rather get a root canal than go through the performance evaluation process with their direct reports. In some instan…

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