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Management styles
Managers use different management styles and techniques depending on the job they handle and the workers. A good manager is one who is flexible to adopt different management styles and in return expects the best outcome. The other department that uses theory Y styles is considered adequate to most employees as it engages all the employees in decision making. Holistic participation in leadership by your workers creates room for correction and a flexible manager will always subvert ramifications that develop due to rigidity in management (Chung, Yeh & Hsieh, 187). A democratic leadership enables a worker to have opinions and contributes fundamental ideas to control and general motivates workers to deliver since they feel that they are part and parcel of the company. The standard quest for most companies is to escalate productivity, and that’s why theory Y becomes useful for Carol as a focused worker.
To expand my understanding of other management styles deployed by managers from another department I will use information gathering technique that involves the use of oral questions. A personal confrontation of the managers and interrogating them on how they manage their departments and also their relationship with their staff will be reliable and less expensive. From the response, I gathered it is clear that managers are different and they also deal with various workers (Chung, Yeh & Hsieh, 199). The managers us…

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