Management Skills

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Management Skills

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Management Skills
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Who will be involved? The general manager, data processing staff, and software systems experts. The manager (Marry Ann), senior executives, and an economist. Training and development department staff, human resource manager, and the new staff member. Tom and Marry Ann. Marry Ann and Aneil Mishra.
Personal mastery experiences? Typing skills, other computer skills, and expertise in software systems. Knowledge of appraisal and compensation systems. Ability to persuade and convince the senior executive’s. Human resource management skills. Expertise in activity-based costing. Strategic planning and forecasting.
What support will be provided? Provide more human resource to aid in retyping, Provide more computers, and bring in specialists in software systems to work on the incompatibilities. Provide criteria for measuring effective performance. Specify performance requirements: expectations and responsibilities. Appreciate the contribution of the employees in the organization. Notes and transparencies from Tom`s desk. Information from the news and paper. Use information from Detroit Manufacturing to approximate the resources (labor and capital) needed.
How will you create emotional arousal / confidence? Re-assure the data processing staff that they are not to blame for the poor performance and replace the incompatible software systems with compatible ones. Restate the vision of the …

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