Management Orientation Program Proposal

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Management Orientation Program Proposal

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Management Orientation Program Proposal
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A nurse manager is supposed to coordinate and direct a team of nurses in a health facility. Notably, these managers are supposed to singularly focus on the recruitment and retention of nurses alongside the day to day supervision of the nurses. Since they have a supervisory role, they are supposed to oversee everything related to the nursing unit which includes budgetary issues, patient care problems, personnel, and resources. A nurse manager is also supposed to represent the nurses and communicate their needs, concerns, and ideas to the hospital’s management. Several topics can help a nurse transition into a nurse manager role quickly and efficiently as outlined below.
Good Communication Skills: – As a nurse manager, communication is essential since it is the means of contact between the doctor and the patient’s family. Adequate communication is vital to the successful outcome of the patient (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). Also, good communication ensures that the ideas of the represented group of nurses are passed across to the hospital’s management.
Excellent Execution: – An idea can be brilliant, but without execution it becomes worthless. To become a successful manager, one needs not only to come up with ideas but also the ability to execute the ideas (Kodama & Fukahori, 2017).
Empowering others: – As a nurse manager, it’s important to understand the…

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