Management & Objectives and Plans

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Management & Objectives and Plans

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Management, Objectives, and Plans
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Management, Objectives, and Plans
Within the next one year, I expect to have completed my first degree in accounting (A.S). I plan to attend F.A.U next year in order to obtain my B.A and my masters in CPA. These academic qualifications will make me more competitive in the job market. I will take about three years for both my B.A and masters. After this; I would like to join an accounting firm, where I will gain expertise and experience. An accounting firm will give me a platform to showcase my skills and academic experience.
The firm will also give me an opportunity to provide financial and accounting services to their clients. The firm will aid organizations in solving their financial problems, create value, improve their performance and maximize their growth. We will give organizations objective advice as well as the expertise to help them solve problems and develop skills. According to Lăzăroiu (2015), accounting firms also advise on additional resources that the organizations can use to implement solutions. The wide scope of the opportunity provided by the accounting firms will provide a favourable working environment. The firm will also ensure that I sharpen my skills and become a better accountant
These goals satisfy the SMART criteria in the following ways; the objectives are specific, in that, they explain the when who, where, what, which and why my I will reach the masters level of education….

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