Management Communications

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Management Communications

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Management Communications
Managerial tasks are attributed to new challenges necessitating the presence of decisive minds. Managers have demonstrated the power of utilizing both their intuition and the rational problem-solving approach in making crucial conclusions. Notably, appropriate decisions play an influential role when achieving the goals or objectives of an organization. To this effect, Mitchell and Kilgore should employ a rational approach to solve problems and develop an effective management decision about Virginia’s future with the firm.
From the onset, the rational problem-solving design involves six procedures when handling a difficult situation. Defining the prevailing the issue or problem facing the organization is the first step (Van, Joan, and Hans, 5). In this case, Mitchell and Kilgore’s company faces a threat of attracting bad publicity. Indisputably, the company may portray a bad image and reputation towards the customers and the general public. Moreover, the absence of a conducive working environment may affect the workers’ level of productivity. A chaotic atmosphere results in conflict and misunderstanding among the employees.
Secondly, an analysis of the particular matter should be conducted by Mitchell and Kilgore. It is evident that Virginia’s behavior has resulted in discomfort among other workers. Furthermore, Virginia demonstrates poor interpersonal skills. She hardly gets along with her colleagu…

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