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Deliberate and Emergent Strategy
In strategic management, deliberate strategy entails taking actions with pre-planned directions. The people in governance take time to plan before getting into the actual operation. In this type of approach, the organization first sets the mission to be accomplished, strategically analyses the set goal or agenda, and comes up with strategic alternatives to the set standard. It then chooses the best among the established alternatives obtain the commitment of the interested parties, implements the strategy and finally closely monitors the strategy to ensure that it is giving the expected results (Brown, 2017). There are some advantages associated with this type of strategy and they include, giving the organization a direction, provides it with a commitment to significant investments, making coordination easier and ensuring that there is optimization.
On the other hand, the emergent strategy involves coming up with a way of identifying outcomes that have less likelihood of occurrence and then incorporating them into the corporate plans of the organization in the future. As such, it deals with unintended patterns of actions that the initial plan did not anticipate (Brown, 2017). The difference between the deliberate and the emergent strategy arises because while the latter involves a pattern of action which is developed in an organization, regardless of the mission and the organizational goals, t…

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