Man Child in the Promise land by claude brown

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Man Child in the Promise land by claude brown

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Man child promise land
The man-child in the Promised Land was written in the year 1965 and details the autobiography of Claude Brown. It details the account of the coming to the age of the author in an environment characterized by violence and poverty. The plot of the book is Harlem and events take place between the year 1940 and 1950 at the time when the civil rights movement had gained momentum in the society. The book achieved much and went beyond the literary environment bringing into consideration the account of the lives of those who lived in the urban settings.
Sonny’s Realizations
Sonny is depicted in the book as possessing new realization in life. In fact, he shows a lot of epiphany in his modern life and changes from all kinds of criminal activities to a successful and more reformed person in the society. The new realizations in Sonny’s life are the basis that forms the transition from a criminal teenager to a more positive and successful adult in the society that is emulated by every person. This is also seen in the way Sonny becomes one of the most celebrated characters in the book as he creates the real transformation needed in an individual.
Sonny learns a lot of new lessons about himself while in his teenage. In fact, Sonny realizes that life is easy and depends on one’s own ability to face all kind of odd with determination. Sonny also learns that the gun is not the only way that one can succeed in life. His real…

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