Making a case

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Making a case

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Topic: Lack of employee motivation key to the poor performance of organizations.
Employee motivation is imperative to an organization’s growth and success in performance. The management of organizations is aware of the positive impacts of motivation to the performance and production of their organization though some apply the wrong tools to achieve these positive results (Nohria, 78). This case tends to look at the relevant aspects of employee motivation so as to improve productivity.
Motivation aspects
Different employees are motivated in varied ways including rewards, designs of jobs, the culture of the organization, nature and performance of the management among others. Organizations engage in employee motivation for several aims: to improve the performance of the employee and the organization as a whole, to improve opportunities for the employees or even as a promotion at work for the employee. Motivation does not have to be monetary such as an increase in salaries and bonuses. Additional benefits and rewards are also motivation to the workforce (Nohria et al. 78).
The organizational culture creates differences in the work environment such as teamwork, employee relations, collaborations, and friendships. For instance, giving an employee a sense of belonging towards an organization and supporting collaboration motivates the employee to continue working at the organization owing to the care that they are accorded by the structure…

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