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Make polygamy

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Should the practice of male polygamy continue in the Arab Gulf Countries?
Male polygamy has for long been practiced by many cultures especially in the Arab Gulf countries which include Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Oman. Although the rate at which male polygamy is being practiced in these countries has reduced relative to the past decades, it still remains a common practice. There are many controversies surrounding the issue of male polygamy mainly due to the social, cultural as well as economic pressures associated with it. Male polygamy is in many cases characterized by competition and conflicts among the wives which may escalate to emotional distress and even physical injuries in the worst scenarios. Thus, male polygamy should not continue in the Arab Gulf countries as it is associated with many marital problems which vary from conflicts among the involved co-wives to the challenges faced by men in raising the large families which are a characteristic of male polygamy (Al-Krenawi 1).
While some of the polygamous men hold religious reasons for remarrying, most of them marry for completely selfish reasons. One of the major reasons for the continued male polygamy in the Arab Gulf countries is the need by men to have many children to uphold the name of the family. To some people, male polygamy has been viewed as fashionable as it results in large families. Another reason is that men remarry as a way…

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