Macro Research (PEST Analysis)

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Macro Research (PEST Analysis)

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Pestle Analysis
Has a very stable political system where most of the activities, rules, and regulations are formed and upheld in the constitution with political interest of the nation (Bella 23). Political stability creates a favorable environment for running online fashion shop (Bensahel 20). There are no online trade restrictions that would undermine online business people.
The United States has a GDP of 18, 124.73 billion dollars and a stable growth economy. It is one of the stable economies in the world (Bayman 30). The government interest rates and the taxation rules, as well as expenditure, create a better room for running of online fashion shop (Cartwright 87).
The young population in the United States, who are healthy and employed, provides a good market ground for online products (Sahoo 38). Most people in the United States are trendy, and thus they would easily purchase trendy products (Doyle 89).
Technology has become part and parcel of the modern day. United States has not been left behind (Gronk 67). There are some industries in the United Sates that allow mass production of menswear products. The internet age also creates a platform where people can search and purchase products online from online stores.
China has a stable political system with rules and regulation that help the business run smoothly, oversees market policies, tax policies, and f…

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