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Machiavellianism, Cognition, and Emotion
Machiavellianism is a term that refers to any individual who attempts to achieve his/her goals through unscrupulous, scheming and cunning methods. This paper is a responsive essay hence it will respond and review ideas expressed by Ben Taylor in his article titled “Understanding how the Machiavellian Thinks, Feels and Thrives.”
After going through the article, I can conclude that the author is well conversant with the topic and that why I agree with the facts, he has discussed Machiavellianism. The author acknowledges that Machiavellianism is a personal trait that compels one to cheat, lie, adapt to antisocial behaviors and habits that at times compels one to use force and aggression to achieve own benefit (Taylor). Also, the other aspect that compels me to agree with his ideas is the fact that he hasn’t provided any contradicting information about what I knew about the issue. Nevertheless, the author should have tried to make the article more convincing. For instance, he should have incorporated a higher level of persuasiveness in the piece. To achieve influence, the author should have included discussions of other authors about the same topic. By acknowledging what other authors have covered about the subject he would have achieved to convince an audience that what he/she is reading is justifiable facts that have been proved even by other individuals but not a mere personal understanding of…

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