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Mac Vs windows

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Mac vs Windows
For a long time people have been in a dilemma of whether to us windows or mac. This paper will look at some of the difference between the two and try to look at the similarities that the two might have. One main difference is the price the price if a mac is very high compared to what a customer gets (Casserly). People have been complaining about the heftier price tag of a mac but others justify it by citing top-tier support, hardware of a higher quality and the benefits of the apple ecosystem. Mac hardware comes with a number of limitations when it comes to its specifications but once on individual acquires the machine they can upgrade the RAM (Is a Windows PC Better than a Mac).
Another difference is visible when it comes to security systems. People have argued that macs do not have viruses. Some do not have but that statement is no longer credible as a few viruses exist for mac. Most users may get just fine without an anti-virus protection although mac does not have a good reputation when dealing with security threats (Dachis). On the other hand windows deals with security issues better and the created Microsoft security essentials combat viruses easily (Forrt). Even though windows requires a little bit of maintenance, not every computer features bloatware and it often require more updates then mac.
One of the common similarities is the ability by both to use the same printers, scanners, cameras and other peripherals. Anot…

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