M6D1 Burnout

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M6D1 Burnout

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M6D1: Burnout
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M6D1: Burnout
Jet Blue Flight Attendant Actions
Burnout is known to have an adverse impact on the productivity and well-being of employees in an organization. Employees who suffer from burnout are likely to deliver poor quality services in their workplace. Similarly, such employees are unlikely to exploit their potential. Thus, Jet Blue flight attendant incident is a typical example of what may befall a person when their burn out and stress levels cannot be handled. Human resource departments have been charged with the responsibility of enabling their employees to manage stress and burn out. The way in which Steve ended his 20-year career is an indication of the levels of distress he faced while at his workplace. There are several better mechanisms of handling stress encountered at work. Steve failed in handling his challenges at work and hence led to the end of his career in a worse way. A better way would have been to seek the counsel of his human resource department. Alternatively, he could have considered resignation.
Causes of Snapping
People face different challenges, which in turn prompt them to snap. When the professional demands of a job are too high, it is likely that the individual would consider leaving the opportunity. Steve’s incidence of snapping must have been the demand of his work. Working as a flight attendant demands that a person be always on the move and have little time for self. Having few soci…

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