M2A3 -What Fits Best?

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M2A3 -What Fits Best?

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7.1 Introduce the concept of the search for excellence and examine its relationship to the function of controlling.
Answer: To ensure Total Quality Management almost all organizations are in search for excellence. However, such philosophy is arbitrary, and many organizations fail to identify or categorize qualities that define “excellence.” Excellence has been defined with the perspective of people (who renders the service), care of customers exhibits constant innovation and leadership qualities. Excellence can be assessed by appraising the values, beliefs, norms, behavioral patterns and operational style of an individual. Parameters of excellence can be helpful in fixing the controlling process in an organization. This means “excellence” that is an intangible attribute of a person may be tallied against the controlling mechanisms needed in an organization for its success. Such compatibility helps to deploy suitable individuals for specific controlling mechanisms based on their behavioral pattern and inherent skills/values that will drive the success of a business.
7.2 Relate controlling to directing in an essential cycle that affords ongoing attention to follow-up and correction.
Answer: Controlling in a business organization refers to the managerial functions like planning, organizing, staffing and directing a process. Such functions help to identify the errors occurring in a business process and addressing such errors with corrective actions so that the deviations fro…

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