M1A1 Student Rebuttal Paper

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M1A1 Student Rebuttal Paper

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M1A1: Student Rebuttal Paper
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M1A1: Student Rebuttal Paper
Value Chain and Sustainability Initiatives
Primarily, the value chain of a company alludes to the different operations and practices that a company utilizes in their efforts to add value to different components of the business, for instance, production, marketing, or the provision of after-sale services (Willem, 2012). Therefore, given these aspects of the value chain, its use in determining where the company needs to focus their sustainability initiatives demands for a comprehensive analysis. Any efforts to transform towards sustainability based on the stature of value chains must focus on the utilization of evidence-based information that explicates the existing state of affairs, and defines the necessary plans, guidelines, and activities (Smartsheet, 2018). Therefore, given such an understanding, the firms can utilize specific aspects of the value chain to formulate smart and precise sustainability initiatives.
Under the domain of motivation for the implementation of the different sustainability initiatives, the comprehensive scrutiny of the value chain analysis ought to provide information on the apparent issues, risks, and opportunities, which should act as motivation enough (Smartsheet, 2018). For instance, in the case of Tesla Inc., even though the EV’s use battery technology that is hard to recycle, the social, environmental, and economic issues, risks, and op…

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