Lymphedema as a Medical Disorder

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Lymphedema as a Medical Disorder

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Lymphedema as a Medical Disorder
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Lymphedema is a medical disorder caused by constant inflammation of limbs that is caused by the build-up of lymph fluid in the lymphatic system. It occurs if the lymphatic system doesn’t function properly, or it’s damaged thus lymph vessels are not able to drain the fluid under the arm or the legs. As a matter of fact, lymphedema may develop after cancer treatment. Ongoing research by Canadian cancer center postulates that causes of lymphedema are multifaceted. Additionally, factors that contribute to the Lymphedema and the nature of interaction with the chronic diseases such as cancer have not yet been identified by the current ongoing research. American Cancer and diagnostic society had carried out a study in the year 2014 which focused on the incidence of severity of lymphedema.
Consequently, the findings compounded the problem further by failing to affirm that “degree of arm and hand swelling may vary according to the severity of the disease.” Additionally, The National Institute of Lymphology had instituted a research study to address the co-relation between breast cancer and lymphedema. After rigorous study and diagnosis, they found that patients who may have gone through breast reconstruction procedures after being diagnosed with breast cancer are highly susceptible to lymphedema.
In April 2015, monthly publication, National Institute of Lymphology denoted that limb v…

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