Luther Standing Bear

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Luther Standing Bear

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Luther Standing Bear was a Native American born in December 1868. To be precise, he was born in South Dakota among the Oglala Lakota sub-tribe 1. Occupationally, he ventured into writing, education, acting and philosophy. Also, he was appointed the chief of Oglala Lakota people. He stood by his people and focused on improving the lives of Native Americans. Standing Bear advocated for better treatment of Native Americans in America. As earlier mentioned, he upheld the Lakota’s cultures and traditions. This paper focuses on Luther Standing Bear’s life achievements and significance concerning Native American history.
Standing Bear was treasured by the people of Oglala Lakota. In fact, most of them greatly celebrated when he was appointed the chief. The people were certain that he would assist in eliminating all the harsh policies directed toward them. Being appointed chief of the Lakota people was among his greatest achievements. Also, it is necessary to note that Standing Bear temporarily forsook his people and relocated to Sioux City in Lowa. He moved away because of the frustration and exhaustion of the white man 1. Nonetheless, it is salient to note that Standing Bear forged on with protecting rights of the Oglala Lakota people. He managed to offer education to a large group of individuals. With this education, he gave people more insight concerning the Oglala Lakota culture and tradition.
It is also primary to realize that most of the Nati…

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