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Lupus causes inflammation of body tissues in a phenomenon which is similar to “friendly fire”. Thus it’s important to realize that lupus can cause severe effect on people depending on the symptoms which are manifested. Lupus causes production of remission and flares which affect various parts of body. Anti-phospholipid antibodies refer to antibodies which are detected against components phosphorus-fat in the cell membrane known as phospholipids. Individuals with lupus condition possess phospholipids which act as lupus anticoagulant and cause blood clotting in severe conditions (Bruce et al. n.pag). Immune system is another autoimmune disease which is caused by lupus disease. Lupus results in self-attack of the immune system causing injuries to the body and in great extend jeopardizing the functioning of specific organs of the body.
Lupus is highlighted in the musculoskeletal manifestations which result in joint pain. The condition is manifested by the existence of other conditions such as arthritis, Arthralgia, and osteonecrosis. At the cellular level, arthritis tends to cause a migratory effect which is considered as non-deforming. Presence of anti-citrulline that contains the peptide (anti-CPP) causes internal fracturing. At the cellular level, renal manifestations cause visible signs for this condition due to immunoglobulin deposition which is found in glomeruli. At this state, the urine tests reveal the pr…

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