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lung cancer

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Lung Cancer
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Lung Cancer
Among other types of cancer, lung cancer is a severe condition that is linked to high mortality rates. The disease affects the lungs which are vital body organs. However, the management of the lung cancer is apparent in the early cases of diagnosis. The treatment of the condition primarily relies on the type as well as the advancement of the disease. Smoking is the fundamental cause of the lung cancer which is prevalent to both men and women. Additionally, lung cancer can also occur in other individuals who do not smoke. Surgery is a standard way of dealing with cancer through the eradication of the cancerous cells. The procedure may be complicated hence the need to seek the appropriate medic services from the medical practitioners. The paper provides detailed information regarding lung cancer as well as the treatment and diagnosis.
Lung Cancer Types
Small Cell Cancer
It is a type of lung cancer that attributes to approximately fifteen percent of lung cancer reports. It originates from the inner layer of the bronchi and spreads into the surrounding areas. The symptoms of the small cell type may be unnoticed until cancer rapidly spreads to other body parts. The treatment for the small cell lung cancer involves the use of the radiation therapy and the chemotherapy (Tonato, 2002).
Non-small Cell Cancer
It is the type of lung cancer that attributes to 85% of the lung cancer cases. However, it is divided…

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