Lowell Mill Girls

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Lowell Mill Girls

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The Lowell Mill Girls
A Mill girl was a term used to describe the young women of Yankee aged between 15 and 30 years who worked in Lowell’s cotton factories. Unlike other young girls, these mill girls also called factory operatives used to be daughters of free men whose rights remained protected from abuse by authority “The Mill Girls 1). In those times, in the 19th century, women held textile jobs in Lowell. As a mill girl, one was expected to leave their families and subject themselves to a life of sacrifices and unwavering determination.
For these girls, leaving their families and farms was a good idea since they were able to acquire a sense of independence and saved money through their wages. For instance, many girls left their rural villages to work in cotton mills. There, they produced cotton and wool products such as shoes for sale. They would be paid later according to pieces one produced. Socially, fathers were the heads of the property and households whereas the other family members divided the daily chores and also seasonal tasks. Mothers and their daughters did domestic duties. Including cooking, cleaning, and making clothes. Therefore, girls’ life was difficult and went to the mill gave them freedom and opportunities to acquire property. Also, they joined religious institutions, education and recreational activities which they could have never achieved in their small villages. In no doubt, this improv…

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