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Lord of the Flies Newspaper

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Boys Rescued From Harsh Weather after a Night out Ordeal. Timotheo TimeoTwo boys on Friday morning were rescued from the Hovedoya Islands after an evening wind diverted their yacht and forced them deep into the sea. According to the eyewitnesses present at the scene at the time of the incident, the two boys were out into the open sea enjoying themselves on their yacht, doing game fishing when a sudden wind came and forced them into the deep see. Their attempts to call for assistance did not yield any fruit as the winds were so strong, interfering with their communication. “I saw the two boys being carried away into deeper waters when I raised an alarm within the neighborhood,” said, Stevenson, a fisherman at Hovedoya Islands.
Djokovic, 13 and Andrews 15, both sons of Mr. Jones, a local businessman, were on Friday morning rescued from the harsh weather conditions, having endured the night in the cold sea, without food or proper clothing. They were found stuck on a boulder inside the sea when the search team was dispatched from the Oslo police Navy, attached to the Hovedoya Islands police department. According to the police superintendent, Corporal Martial, the two boys must have encountered the strange weather on Thursday evening and could not get immediate assistance as the calls for help were interfered with by the same weather.
“This is a very difficult situation, the boys could have died of the harsh weather, it is through sheer luck that we found them alive,” he s…

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