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Lord of the flies essay

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Lord of the Flies
In the middle of a raging war, a plane is presented evacuating some schoolboys who are Britons. The plane is short down and falls over deserted island in the tropical belt. Two characters, Piggy and Ralph discovered a shell of conch on the beach. Piggy quickly comes to the realization that they could make use of the shell to summon the rest of the boys. Having assembled, the boys come to a consensus to select a leader who would takes charge of the team and have them rescued. Ralph gets the nod of the group to lead the team and quickly appoints Jack from the group to head a group that will see to it that food is available to the team.
On another account, Ralph, Jack and yet another character in the group start of an expedition that was geared towards traversing the island. Having surveyed the island, Ralph opines that the group should light some fire so as to attract the passing ships. The boys actualize their dreams and the fire blazes. Unfortunately, the boys concentrate more on games than on the fire they lit. The negligent attitude of the boys sees the fire engulf the whole forest as the dead woods quickly burn out of control. One of the crew members disappears and is presumed to have been consumed by the ravaging inferno.
Ralph is an athletic, charismatic character in Lord of the Flies. He is the chief protagonist. It is sue to his charisma that he is accorded the honor to lead the boys as …

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