Looking Backward

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Looking Backward

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Looking Backward
Bellamy makes his variant of an unrealistic culture, which he accepts is a sensible result of the nineteenth century’s fast development of industrialization. Herein idealistic culture, Boston during the year 2000, warfare never again subsists; there are no disintegrate open authorities; there is never again even a requirement for cash; riches is disseminated similarly; instruction is liberated, and transgression is absent. The book acquaints readers with Bellamy’s perspective, particularly the perspective inquiry, “What’s the matter?” the novel looking backward is Bellamy’s method for clarifying “the way things ought to be.” This statement is depicted in numerous resemblances to the Marxist philosophy and socialism.
This Boston of 2000 has the close resemblance to socialism. Socialism is a communist development to make an awkward as well as stateless social request organized upon regular responsibility for methods for preparations and additionally social, political and monetary belief system that goes for the foundation of this social request as indicated by Merriam-Webster word reference. The Marxist hypothesis holds the same premise from socialism, and that beneficial powers in the public arena will prompt a superabundance of possession riches. This thought parallels Bellamy is in that “the general publics have the same income” (Bellamy 73). Socialism is the place the administration posses…

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